Hi, I'm Sashrika!

I'm a freshman at UC Berkeley majoring in computer science and interested in learning more about its interdisciplinary applications through product development, research, and social good projects.


This summer, I was a program participant at Google's Computer Science Summer Institute, a 4-week program facilitated by Google engineers where I worked alongside my peers to develop coding projects using p5.js, HTML, and CSS.I worked in a team of 3 to build Memori, a website with memory games including a mental math and periodic table trainer that was built using JavaScript for user interaction and stores data using Firebase.

I also was an extern at AT&T's Summer Learning Academy, where I completed 80 hours of online learning by exploring business and technical topics through self-paced modules and attending speaker sessions hosted by business executives and recognized experts.

I was previously a research assistant through the University of Iowa's Secondary Student Training Program, where I used Python to develop reward functions for autonomous virtual car navigation using reinforcement learning. I later presented my findings at 5 student research symposiums.

I've also explored web development while working with a team of peers to develop and maintain websites for local businesses and individuals.



  • A set of interactive memory games including a mental math and periodic table trainer with a progress page that track your performance over time
  • Built with JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Developed during project week of Google CSSI 2020


  • Analyzing lead concentration of drinking water in New York public schools and displaying statistics based on zip code as well as heat map with data distribution
  • Built with PHP, HTML, CSS
  • OmniHacks 2019, Best Website Award and Top 10 Overall


  • Modeling graphing calculator features by aiming to process and graph functions on 2D and 3D coordinate planes
  • Built with JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS
  • FrontierHacks 2019, Top 10 Overall

K-Town BBQ

  • Website developed for local family-owned restaurant that serves Korean-infused barbeque dishes
  • Built with HTML, CSS

Fan Wu

  • Website developed for Bay area-based author of novels including February Flowers and Beautiful as Yesterday
  • Built with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS

Bonnie Huang Hall

  • Website developed for doctor with private practice
  • Built with HTML and CSS